Hope For Africa Net Event

Hope for Africa is the first division-wide evangelistic effort taking place as part of  ECD Evangelistic Impact 2025

From September 2-16, 2023, International Evangelist Pastor Mark Finley will be sharing the good news of the everlasting gospel with thousands who will gather to receive hope from God in Nairobi, Kenya.

For the first time, ECD is conducting an evangelistic event as a division-wide Net event, which will be distributed live across our entire territory. Members from across the territory and every church organization and institution are participating in the event, inviting millions to hear the Everlasting Gospel in September.

ECD Evangelistic Impact 2025 is an initiative of the East-Central Africa Division where we are calling on each member to prayerfully seek God’s help to reach at least one new soul each year for Christ. As a result of this great spiritual effort, we expect that God will double the membership of the church in this Division.

The program will be translated into four languages of Ethiopia and will be broadcasted live.

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