Women’s Ministries

Tatu Melkamu
Women Ministries


The Department of Women’s Ministries is committed to encouraging, challenging, equipping, and nurturing Seventh day Adventist women as they do their part in carrying the Gospel message to the world.
The Lord has a work for women as well as for men. They may take their places in His work at this crisis, and He will work through them. … They can do in families a work that men cannot do, a work that reaches the inner life. They can come close to the hearts of those whom men cannot reach. Their labor is needed.—Welfare Ministry, p. 145.

Mission Statement

The Department of Women’s Ministries exists to uphold, encourage, and challenge Adventist women in their pilgrimage as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of His world church.
In the larger sense common to all Christians—that of uplifting Christ in the Church and in the world. But more specifically, we are called to:
Nurture—Reach Up to God
Empower—Reach Across with God
Outreach—Reach Out with God
There are three areas of focus when it comes to equipping, training, and inspiring women to serve: Nurture, Empower, and Outreach.
1. NURTURE: Reach Up to God—To help women in their devotional time and personal growth, enabling them to be nurturers in the church and community.
2. EMPOWER: Reach Across with God—To equip women for their activities and projects for the church and community.
3. OUTREACH: Reach Out with God—To help women use small group fellowship and evangelism to reach others in their community.


Women empowered and nurtured to fulfill their God-given potential.
A Ministry for Every Woman: Touch a Heart, Tell the World” is a program developed by General Conference Women’s Ministries to advance the work of sharing the gospel using the methods that Christ used.