Gimbie Adventist Hospital

Gimbie Adventist Hospital
Gimbie Town
Tel: +251 577 710 083

Gimbie Adventist Hospital (GAH) is a not-for-profit institution owned by Seventh Day Adventist Church of Ethiopia. The Hospital has been serving the community of Gimbie and its environs since the 1940’, and is located in Oromia region, West Wollega Zone, Gimbie Town, which is 441km from the capital city of the country, Addis Ababa. Gimbie Adventist Hospital (GAH) is located in Gimbie Town, a semi-urban setting, 7 hrs. away by land travel from Addis Ababa. The nearest domestic airport is Asosa, the nearest international airport is Bole.

Currently the hospital has 78 bed rooms. As known, the Ethiopian government is strongly working on health care institution in towards the health status of the community in preventing communicable diseases, minimizing maternal death and eradicating of diseases such as polio and others.
Therefore, the GAH also has the following specific purposes:
 To enable, empower and strengthen the multifaceted health ministry and mission of the SDA church throughout the world.
 To improve health care and enhance quality of life
 To provide technical and managerial support including education and training, planning and evaluation
The GAH provides health care services such as:
 Family health services:
 Antenatal care, delivery and postnatal care
 New born care
 Integrate management of childhood illness
 Growth monitoring and promotion
 Promotion of essential nutrition action
 Family planning
 Immunization
 Adolescent reproductive health services
 Communicable disease prevention and control services
 Malaria
 TB & Leprosy
 Sexually transmitted diseases
 HIV and AIDS

 Rabies and epidemic disease
 Hygiene and environmental health services
 Control of insects, rodents and stinging animals
 Water supply and safety measures
 Building and maintaining health care houses
 Food hygiene and personal safety measures
 personal hygiene and others
 Health education and communication services
 Provide health education toward the way of control for communicable disease at school and church for the community
 Basic curative care and treatment of major chronic conditions
 First aid and emergency treatment
 Chronic disease management; like diabetes, hypertension etc
 Major and minor surgeries
 Treatment of infections and complications
 Cervical cancer screening and treatment
 Health training school
 Provide train nursing and midwifery school train for the region

Approximately 4,500 patients are admitted each year and a further 25,000 are seen annually in the out-patient department. The hospital provides twice weekly outreach maternal and child health services and community education to surrounding villages. Seven rural clinics are affiliated with the hospital, providing services to approximately 22,500 patients each year.
The Gimbie Adventist Hospital, the general hospital plays a key role in all aspects and acts as the main referral center in the Western Oromia and Benishangul Gumuz Region.