Kellem Ethiopia Field

Kellem Ethiopia Field’s office is in Dambi Dollo town. This town is in the South-Western part of Oromia. It is about 210 KM, 220KM, and 520 KM away from WEC, WEUM, and Addis Ababa respectively. Kellem Ethiopia Was part of the West Ethiopia Conference. According to some living witnesses and written documents, the Adventist Message started in part of this Field 1n 1956 G.C by a teacher, namely, Gute Badhasa who accepted the message first and was followed by Mr. Huluka Gudeta in later years. And the Adventist school was established in 1976 G.C.

In attach to this remarkable event of the inauguration of the Field, allow me to mention just a few of my honored friends who have contributed something to the realization of the dreams of many and let the Union witness another step in the growth of work in its territory.

Pr. Bekele Biri, Pr. Yohannes Olana, Pr. Tinsae Tolessa, Mr. Bikila Geleta, and Mr. Alemayew Kusi, Mrs. Tiruwork Tesso, WEUM and WEC, and many others.