Chaplaincy Ministries

Bona Abreham (Pastor)
Chaplaincy Ministry


The purpose of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries is “to proclaim the everlasting gospel” and therefore restore broken humanity to wholeness in relationship with God. Christ modeled that restorative ministry (MH 143) and entrusted continuation of His work to the Church. Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries seeks to establish a global network of Adventist chaplains who care responsibly for the spiritual well-being of all those in their assigned circle of influence. Adventist chaplains extend the outreach of the Church as a valid and viable expression of ministry for the Church.

Desired Outcome

Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries (ACM) envisions the following:
1. A network of ACM directors with denominational ecclesiastical endorsement and a minimum of five years’ experience as full-time, employed, and endorsed chaplains, and who function where needed at various Church organizational levels
2. Outreach of the Church extended in reaching the unreached for Christ through various chaplaincies
3. All Adventist clergy designated as “chaplain” in full compliance with ecclesiastical endorsement and/or certification standards and policies
4. The union with established accredited graduate educational training programs for chaplaincies and an Adventist Clinical Pastoral Care Education (ACPCE) center
5. A continuous flow of trained chaplains from entry to supervisory levels in the chaplaincies
6. Pastoral care and religious support provided specifically for Adventists serving in military forces and law enforcement agencies
Western Ethiopia Union Mission’s Chaplaincy Ministry stretched its Ministry to Prison houses and Adventist higher learning students.