Ministerial Department

Kifile Soboka (Pastor)
Ministerial Department

The major goal of the Ministerial department is Ministry to Pastors and their families as well as to local Elders.


  • Coordinating the Work of Ministerial Secretaries in the Fields/Conference:
  • Training and counseling with fields/Conference Ministerial Secretaries.
  • Coordinating service to Pastors through Fields/ conference Ministerial Secretaries in the following areas:

Thus, the minister in charge of the Ministerial department will have the following duties.

1. Spiritual Nurture:

a. Providing spiritual care for Pastors through Retreats.
b. Challenging Pastors on personal spiritual growth.
c. Assisting Pastors on how to study the Bible for personal edification.
d. Assisting Pastors to develop a vibrant prayer life.
e. Challenging Pastors on revival and reformation for themselves.

2. Collegiality and Counseling:

a. Being a Pastor and a friend to the Pastor-looking out for his needs.
b. Being available for Pastors to come in and dialogue on matters of importance to them.
c. Being a liaison between the Pastor and Administration.
d. Representing the interests of the Pastor to Administration/Committee.
e. Being available to counsel with pastors and being their confidant.

3. Professional Growth

i. Developing materials for pastors and encouraging pastor for professional growth.
ii. .Promoting professional growth books (e.g. Dollar Books, other special books. Etc.)
iii. Updating maintaining subscriptions to Ministry Magazine.
iv. Maintaining professional contact with ministerial students in our institutions.
v. Arranging inter-Departmental Seminars to service the Pastors.
vi. Planning for pastoral leadership training events.
vii. Conduct Seminars for pastors.

4. Evangelism and Nurture:

a. Promote the soul winning and integration of new members into the Church.
b. Develop and promote strategies for nurturing and training members for outreach.
c. Helping Pastors keep a balance between outreach and nurture of the Church.

5. Training of Elders

a. Training the elder on soul winning and integration of new members into the Church.
b. Team building among Church Elders and between Elders and Pastors.
c. Nurturing the Elders for spiritual growth and maturity.
d. Training Elders on preaching, worship planning and people management.

6. Ministerial Family Support:

a. Supporting the ministerial spouse through the shepherdess organization.
b. Including family life topics in ministerial retreat programs.
c. Doing PK programs in conjunction with the Youth Department.
Supporting the PREACH Programme.
a. Maintaining the non-SDA Ministry circulation list.
b. Sensitizing Pastors to relate to and reach out to non-SDA clergy.

7. Any Other responsibilities given by the WEUM Officers.

The ministerial Association of West Ethiopia Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventist is also serving the Church in its proclamation of the everlasting gospel and its Divine mission to prepare to meet our soon-coming Lord. It accomplishes its mission through its ministry to pastors, pastoral families (Shepherdess, and pastors’ kids), Pastors-retirees, Pastors of other denominations, local church elders/company leaders, deacons and deaconesses, Prayer Ministry/Revival and Reformation coordinators.
1. Ministry to Pastors
2. Ministry to Pastoral Families
3. Ministry to Church Elders/ Deacons and Deaconesses
4. Prayer Ministry